B. Matt Bremer

Digital Project Manager

Digital thought leader who is constantly striving to make your brand experience better.

  • B. Matt Bremer
  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • contact@bmattb.com
  • (647) 201-6288
  • http://www.bmattb.com

Employment (real)

  • Broadband Video Coordinator2006 - 2009

    CHUM Ltd / CTVglobemedia

    In my role as the first Broadband Video Coordinator at CHUM I was a key player in the early years of CHUM’s forays into online video. In this role I was responsible for The design, development and support of a metadata database in support of CHUM's online video initiatives for broadcast channels such as Muchmusic, Fashion Television and CityTV. Helped establish and set video encoding profiles for all of CHUM’s online video, and was responsible for QA of all video published to these sites. Acted as CHUM's main technical liaison with both external suppliers of video content, such as all of the major record labels, and external publishing consumers such as iTunes and The Feedroom. As part of this role I was additionally responsible for integrating third party systems into CHUM digital delivery systems by using their API’s. I was made responsible for establishing the workflow for the digital delivery and publishing of all video content. I was also responsible for the documentation and training of new employees on these processes.



  • Graphic Design200

    School of the Arts

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  • Graphic Design2010 - 2012

    School Of Design

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Project Management skills

  • Agile

  • Communication

  • Stakeholder Managment

  • Resource Management

  • Budgeting

  • Scheduling

Graphics and media skills

  • Photoshop

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  • Hamilton, Ontario

  • Email: contact@bmattb.com
  • Phone: (647) 201-6288
  • Website: http://www.bmattb.com

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